MBSE/SysML, PLM, PLE, Modeling, Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, BPMN, Conceptual Modeling and Ontology

Presentation Abstract

UAF 101

  • Speaker: Darius Petrauskas, No Magic, Inc.
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 23rd
  • UAF 101 tutorial overviews a practical top-down case for building a sample enterprise model by using the new Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) which is already implemented in Cameo Enterprise Architecture. The focus is on the most frequently used domains (viewpoints) but also provides context to the entire UAF grid along the way.

    The session presents a straightforward and easy-to-understand modeling process for the key UAF domains – covering strategy, business operations and resources required for solution. It also covers establishing traceability all the way through to produce an integrated model which can then be analyzed using built-in features of Cameo Enterprise Architecture.