MBSE/SysML, PLM, PLE, Modeling, Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, BPMN, Conceptual Modeling and Ontology

Presentation Abstract

Systems Engineering is MBSE: Adoption and Transformation

  • Speaker: Michael Vinarcik - Booz Allen Hamilton
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 23rd
  • On December 31, 2016, a new term was born: "Document Intensive Systems Engineering" (DISE). Since Model-Based Systems Engineering has been practiced with SysML for a decade and the stated goal of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is that MBSE will become normal systems engineering practice, Model Based Systems Engineering needs to become an obsolete term. DISE was coined as a term for the traditional approach to systems engineering and should be used as SE comes to mean MBSE.

    Interest in SE continues to grow as organizations continue to realize the shortcomings of DISE; however, change is difficult. Culture, mindset, talent shortages, and other factors inhibit the rapid adoption of system modeling. This talk will discuss observations, challenges, opportunities, and a vision for the near and medium-term outlook for system modeling.