Presentation Abstract

OMG Past - And SDA Future?

  • Speaker: Richard Soley, PhD
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 23rd
  • The Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is approaching 20 years old; announced at the beginning of the millennium, the work had gone on in the original description throughout 1999, with the Object Management Group's middleware and modeling expertise going into a crystal ball. Although a surprising number of development teams still struggle with low-level programming languages (and even assembly languages!), successful teams all over the world are employing high-level modeling to define software systems -- and hardware systems, and business processes, and even system architectures. As several industrial executives have been heard to exclaim, modeling of systems (often called "digital twins" by industrial players) is systems cost less, work better, and deliver faster. So what's next? Is the last frontier already passed? Not a chance -- the problem of semantics -- what communication really means -- remains. To be truly successful, model-based systems need to have a clear way to capture and share semantics, especially when two systems never intended to connect must in fact be integrated. Dr. Soley will talk about the success of the Model Driven Architecture and talk about how semantic standards will make MDA irresistable.