Presentation Abstract


  • Speaker: Aurelijus Morkevicius, PhD - No Magic, Inc.
  • When: Day 4 : Wednesday May 24th
  • Nowadays, MBSE is enabled by Systems Modeling Language (SysML). However, SysML is neither an architecture framework nor a method. This opens discussions of how to structure the model, what views to build, which artifacts to deliver and in what sequence. Every company deals with this issue differently. Organizations not complying with the standardized approach end up having differently structured models with different set of views. It results in the loss of capability to interexchange, loss of capability to communicate with other teams, overhead in tool customization, and specific trainings need. Moreover the models become impossible to integrate and reuse.

    In this tutorial, a framework for MBSE called the MagicGrid is used. The framework consists of viewpoints and aspects organized in a grid view, where each cell is an artifact(s) to deliver in the modeling process. It is based on existing studies in the field and real-life findings in managing models for organizations from different systems engineering domains. Tutorial is followed by a real world examples.