MBSE/SysML, PLM, PLE, Modeling, Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, BPMN, Conceptual Modeling and Ontology

Presentation Abstract

Executable Models

  • Speaker: Darius Silingas, PhD - No Magic, Inc.
  • When: Day 1 : Sunday May 21st
  • The tutorial provides a foundation on how to create precise models that can be executed using Cameo Simulation Toolkit plugin. The tutorial is very practical – it is driven by a sequence of hands-on assignments based on an educational case study model, which explains and composite system structural semantics and demonstrates how build behavior models (state machines, activities, and interactions) and execute them. Attendees will also learn how executing models can help to better understand and communicate models, debug complex behavioral models, create functional system prototypes, verify requirements, create test case scenarios, and perform various kinds of engineering analysis.